New toothpaste bears fiery burning taste of spicy instant noodle

By Park Sae-jin Posted : January 23, 2020, 10:53 Updated : January 23, 2020, 10:53

[Courtesy of Aekyung]

SEOUL -- Aekyung, a major hygiene product maker in South Korea, has collaborated with a domestic instant noodle maker to release a strange-concept toothpaste that bears the fiery burning taste of "Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen." 

Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen, produced by Samyang, a food and chemical conglomerate in South Korea, is well known for its unforgiving infernal spiciness. It has become globally acknowledged in recent years with people sharing videos of their agonizing epicurean adventures on YouTube. The instant noodle is especially popular in Southeast Asia and received halal certification from local bodies.

Aekyung released "2080 Hochi Toothpaste" that has the spiciness of Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen. Hochi is the name of the characterized logo of the spicy instant noodle. The toothpaste colored in crimson has menthol ingredients to provide a fresh taste.

Two types of spicy toothpaste are available: a normal version with mild spiciness and the "nuclear spiciness" version with burning hot flavor.

The bizarre collaboration surprised many South Koreans. "I would be really scared to use that toothpaste when I brush my teeth," said "Georgia Augusta", a user from South Korean online community "Clien". Another user "radioshack" said: "Don't Koreans known when enough is enough?"
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