Mobile app makes commercial debut to check health status of prostate and bladder with sound analysis

By Lim Chang-won Posted : August 5, 2020, 11:44 Updated : August 5, 2020, 11:44

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SEOUL -- A diagnostic mobile application that can check the health status of prostate and bladder with sound analysis and artificial intelligence technology made its commercial debut. Without visiting doctors for uroflowmetry, the app allows users to check the maximum speed of urination with their urine sound.

A medical research team led by Lee Sang-chul, a professor of urology at Seoul National University (SNU) Bundang Hospital, has worked with Soundable Health, a healthcare venture company, to develop a mobile app called "proudP" for those suffering from prostatism. The app records the sound of the urine stream on a smartphone and provides results to track and monitor urine symptoms.

"Through artificial intelligence sound analysis technology for urine sound collected through a smartphone microphone and algorithms that measure the speed and volume of urine, we were able to get results that matched about 90 percent of the speed tests conducted in hospitals," Lee said.

To measure the speed of urine with the app, users can place their smartphones one meter away from the toilet and press the measurement button. The app analyzes the sound of urine and Shows results in three stages -- weak, good and strong.

The maximum speed of a normal person's urine is between 20 and 25 milliliter/second (mL/s) when tested at a hospital for rapid velocity, but that of the prostate hypertrophy patient is below 15 mL/s because the bloated prostate blocks the stream of urine or makes the urinary stem thinner and weaker when the urethra is pressed.

Prostate enlargement is a noncancerous increase in the size of the prostate gland. Symptoms may include frequent urination, trouble starting to urinate, weak stream, inability to urinate, or loss of bladder control. Complications can include urinary tract infections, bladder stones, and chronic kidney problems. Treatment options including lifestyle changes, medications, a number of procedures, and surgery.
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