Samsung's Neo QLED TVs introduce AMD's latest technology to strengthen gaming function

By Lim Chang-won Posted : February 15, 2021, 08:46 Updated : February 15, 2021, 08:46

[Courtesy of Samsung Electronics]

SEOUL -- Neo QLED, a new Samsung TV model that allows gamers to enjoy a wider field of view and quickly monitor and adjust critical aspects of play, is armed with the latest version of FreeSync, an adaptive synchronization technology developed by Advanced Micro Devices, an American semiconductor company.

Samsung said that it would introduce AMD's FreeSync Premium Pro in the entire lineup of Neo QLED TVs to greatly strengthen game functions. "The gaming experience with better picture quality and large screens will become more important, and Samsung will lead the TV-oriented gaming experience," Samsung's video marketing strategy team head Sung Il-kyung said in a statement released on February 14.

FreeSync, a technology found on gaming monitors, laptops and TVs to help fight screen tearing, stuttering and input latency, supports a variable refresh rate, aimed at avoiding tearing and reducing stuttering caused by misalignment between the screen's refresh rate and the content's frame rate. FreeSync Premium Pro features a high dynamic range function for smooth game videos with high definition.

Neo QLED's 8K and 4K TVs are armed with new display technology, a new light source and a powerful picture processor. Neo QLED increases the luminance scale to make dark areas darker and bright areas brighter. Samsung used a new light source called Quantum Mini LED. Instead of using a lens to disperse light, and a package to fix the LED in place, thin microlayers were filled with many more LEDs.
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