Researchers develop AI technology capable of predicting cardiovascular events for stroke patients

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : January 27, 2023, 14:04 Updated : May 24, 2023, 13:22

[Courtesy of Chonnam University]

SEOUL -- Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence-based solution capable of predicting the risk and date of cardiovascular events, which can cause serious damage to the heart muscle, in patients who previously had a stroke. Cardiovascular events, which result in physical disability and even death, are known to take place after suffering from a severe brain attack.
A stroke is a severe brain disease that happens when the blood vessels supplying blood to the brain are blocked. According to data released by the World Stroke Organization (WSO), more than 110 million people have experienced the disease. The brain attack can be caused by excessive tobacco use, unhealthy diet, depression, and obesity. Government data showed that more than 21,000 patients died of a stroke in South Korea in 2020.
The brain disease has a high rate of mortality, after-effects, and a high possibility of recurrence. The major cause of death after acute ischemic stroke is mainly because of cardiovascular events. It's been difficult to predict the risk of each patient's cardiovascular events with acute ischemic stroke.
A Chonnam National University research team led by neurologist Choi Kang-ho and nucleologist Kim Ja-hae developed a smart solution that predicts various outcomes for stroke patients by analyzing clinical data and brain images through deep learning. The AI solution predicts whether patients will experience cardiovascular disorders within a year.
"Deep learning models will allow us to develop more accurate and tailored prognostic prediction systems that outperform traditional models," the research team said in a research paper published on January 17 on the website of the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, a monthly peer-reviewed medical journal. 
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