​S. Korea to invest $215 mln into five-year development project for AI technologies for everyday environments

By Park Sae-jin Posted : January 27, 2023, 15:20 Updated : January 27, 2023, 15:20

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SEOUL -- South Korea will invest some 265 billion won ($215 million) for a five-year project that aims to develop artificial intelligence technologies that can be utilized by people in their everyday environments. AI used in various sectors including the administrative, legislative, judicial, and public sectors will eventually help boost the country's AI technology capability.
Prime Minister Han Duck-soo held the second National Data Policy Committee meeting on January 25 and revealed plans for the development of an environment that will boost South Korea's AI industry by routinizing AI in people's everyday lives.
The government said in a statement that the "routinization of AI" will begin by supporting domestic startups and companies to acquire hyperscale AI technology capabilities so that they can target the global market. A total of 265.5 billion won will be invested until 2026 to develop hyperscale AI technology that uses distributed computing methods to quickly process extremely large datasets. A new AI solution for solving conundrums in the public and industrial sectors will be developed by 2027 through a 45.5 billion won project.
According to the government, South Korea's AI development capability has reached about 89 percent compared to the world's top-class standards. Although domestic industries related to AI are growing at an annual average growth rate of about 30 percent, the actual adoption of AI technologies in people's everyday environment is low.
To boost the adoption of AI technologies, the government will provide AI-based helper robots to old people who live alone. AI robots and call center services will be provided to private business operators. AI will be applied to public medical services as well as administrative and legislative services.
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