Oil drilling in Amazon forest gets approval from Ecuador

By Park Sae-jin Posted : August 20, 2013, 14:00 Updated : August 20, 2013, 14:00
Yasuni National Park is one of the biggest areas rich in biodiverse in the world. It is said that the biodiversity in this area is so vast with lot of different species of trees. Even if we consider all the trees in the United States and Canada together, it can’t compete with it.

Ecuador denied a conservation plan which suggests to conserve the valuable biodiversity of the national park in the Amazon rain forest and to accept any oil drilling project in previously untouched parts of this forest.

Ecuador's President Rafael Correa said that rich nations had failed to back the initiative. This is the reason that there is no choice for Ecuador. So, he agreed to go ahead with oil drilling in Amazon forest.

He said that being a president, it was one of the most difficult decisions he has to take but he had no choice than to agree with it.

But the people of the South American country were not happy with it and they put on a protest. Thousands of people gathered in Quito, the capital, and protested against the decision made by Correa.

It’s not the first time that an oil drilling project has been approved in this forest -- rather oil exploitation has been taking place in several parts of the national park since the 1970s.

Correa launched an U.N.-backed scheme in 2010 so as to get more donations which are required to start drilling in the eastern part of the park.

In Thursday’s news conference on television, President Correa said that he took an initiative which is known as “Yasuni-ITT trust fund.” He was expecting ample amount of cash to be raised through this scheme but unfortunately, it could attract small amount of cash.

Correa also said in television, “I have signed the executive decree for the liquidation of the Yasuni-ITT trust fund and through it, end the initiative.”

Now, oil is the main export of Ecuador and the new area in the Amazon forest which has got approval is expected to get exploited in coming weeks.

By Ruchi Singh
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