Norwegian stuck in toilet while trying to find friend's smartphone

By Park Sae-jin Posted : August 29, 2016, 09:37 Updated : August 29, 2016, 13:44

A cutscene from 1996 British black comedy film 'Trainspotting' [Courtesy of Miramax]

A 20-year old Norwegian man got stuck inside a public toilet while trying to find his friend's smartphone. Cato Bernsten Larsen was rescued by firemen but the smartphone has never retrieved.

Larsen made his brave attempt to go down an old public outhouse in Drammen in southern Norway when his friend dropped his phone down the hole. "I was obviously slim enough to get into it, but not slim enough to get out. I was down there for one hour, and it was very unpleasant," he told a local newspaper.

Fortunately, the toilet was not connected to sewage lines but sat on a tank which was cleared out once in a year. The bravado had to wait until fire servicemen to come and cut out the toilet bowl to save him. Larsen was standing at the bottom of the tank, thigh-deep in feces.

But Larsen and his friend failed to retrieve the smartphone. The Norwegian man was later treated for antibiotics, cuts, and bruises at a nearby hospital.

"It was disgusting as hell. The worst thing I have ever experienced. Animals were down there too. I will never enter a toilet again. Now my body hurts, and I will go home and get some rest" Larsen told VG, a Norwegian tabloid newspaper.

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