New action film 'Real' starring Hallyu stars criticized for poor quality

By Park Sae-jin Posted : June 27, 2017, 10:59 Updated : June 27, 2017, 18:24

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South Korean movie fans and critics heaped criticism on a new action thriller noir film "Real" starring Hallyu (Korean culture wave) stars Kim Soo-hyun and Sulli, just a day before its opening.

The film directed by Lee Sa-rang has received attention as Kim and Sulli put out an explicit bed scene. Kim gained fame from his role in South Korea's hit drama "My Love from the Star" while Sulli, a former f(x) member, has been at the center of online debate or cyber bullying.

"When I filmed this movie, I got a sense of accomplishment in acting," Sulli said at a press premiere Monday. "It's not an easy challenge," the 23-year-old spoke about her erotic work.

After reviews from the premiere were sprawled out through online communities and news outlets, the initial curiosity turned into criticism. However, the film topped the real-time ticket reservation chart with 28.7 percent, according to the Korean Film Council.

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"I am still angry," wrote Kim Jong-chul, a professional movie critic, onto his Twitter. "Ditch the worst movie of your life from your list. 'Real' is far worse than what you imagine it to be. Don't you dare to talk about the worst movie of your life before you watch it."

"Five seconds of Sulli's naked body. That's all," said "FreshPuppy", a user from an online film critic community called "Maxmovie". "The nude scene was great but everything else was not."

Such harsh criticism was unexpected in October 2015, when Alibaba Pictures, a subsidiary of Chinese electronic commerce giant Alibaba, signed a deal to invest and distribute the movie in China.

The movie tells a story about a colorful city controlled by the underworld where a troubleshooter who is good at dealing with "dark business" solves all requests, but things change him after he meets a former detective reporter.

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Kim plays the boss of a crime organization in the movie about enormous secrets and conspiracies of two men over Asia's largest casino. It's his first film in four years since "Secretly Greatly".

Sulli, however, remained careful of herself, unlike her previous behavior. In the past, a heated online Instagram battle has been her daily thing. Every post she uploaded used to be filled with hate comments and malicious rumors and she responded with provocative posts, sarcastically lashing out at the abusers.

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