[AJU VIDEO] Strolling along Danube River in Austria

By KwakMin-jung Posted : August 5, 2017, 17:43 Updated : August 5, 2017, 19:17

Take a stroll along the Danube river and enjoy the breeze running through your hair and the picturesque view. [Courtesy of Kwak, Min Jung / AJU Business Daily]

The Danube river is the second longest river in Europe after Volga river. It had been the important source of life for Central and Eastern European countries. It originates in Germany and passes through Austria and other countries like Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania. The end of the Danube is the Black Sea. 

The Danube was so important that it was a binding force of surrounding nations. Austrian Habsburg Empire was also as "Danube Monarchy". 

Along the river, there is a scenic drive for you to enjoy and cute little towns to visit like Durnstein, where King Richard of England known as Lion-Heart was held captive by Duke Leopold V in the Durnstein Castle. The ruin of the castle is still standing and is open to the public for a visit.

Take a stroll along the bank of the Danube and feel the breeze run through your hair. Or you can simply hop onto the river cruise to enjoy the view and check out many different cities by the Danube in a day. Wachau Valley that boasts a picturesque landscape is located by the Danube and is worth the visit. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 2000 in recognition of its architectural and agricultural history. 

There are many different trails near the Danube to check out. You can either enjoy them on foot or bike. 

The Danube used to be the main source of drinking water for the cities near the river but now only Germany where the river originates use the river as drinking water source. 

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