Hyundai Motor ready to use Samsung batteries for eco-friendly vehicles

By Lim Chang-won Posted : December 11, 2017, 15:42 Updated : December 11, 2017, 15:42

Hyundai's full-electric vehicle Ioniq [Photo by Park Sae-jin]

South Korea's leading Hyundai auto group is ready to cooperate with any domestic companies, including a battery-making unit of its domestic rival, Samsung Group, to enhance competitiveness in eco-friendly vehicles, a senior Hyundai official said.

For their eco-friendly vehicles, Hyundai and its affiliate, Kia Motors, have never used batteries produced by Samsung SDI, relying heavily on two other battery producers, LG Chem and SK Innovation.

"We are working with three domestic battery makers," Hyundai Motor Group Vice Chairman Kwon Moon-sik told Aju News. "For competitiveness, we are ready to work with any companies."

The Hyundai auto group has recently expanded its partnership with Cisco and Michelin in next-generation car technologies. "As part of this, (Hyundai) seems to be working with Samsung," an auto industry official said.

Hyundai has diversified the lineup of hybrid vehicles and electric cars. It is also developing connected car technologies by setting up multiple research and data centers at home and abroad. Hyundai, which unveiled an all-electric car in June last year, plans to launch the electric version of its Kona subcompact SUV in early 2018.

In November, Hyundai forged a strategic alliance with French tiremaker Michelin to develop next-generation tires for electric vehicles by 2020.

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