KT agree to develop 5G-based video data management technology for movie industry

By Lim Chang-won Posted : April 11, 2019, 14:07 Updated : April 11, 2019, 14:07

Film "Ode to My Father" [Courtesy of CJ Entertainment]

SEOUL -- To reduce costs and improve efficiency in producing his next film, South Korea's prominent director Yoon Je-kyoon known for "Haeundae" and "Ode to My Father" agreed to use 5G-based video data management technology in a joint project led by KT, based on a 5G network and cloud servers.

KT, a top telecom company in South Korea, said Thursday that it signed a memorandum understanding with the Daejeon Information and Culture Industry Promotion Agency (DICA), Timnet Korea and UHD VPS, a post-image processing company on the development of advanced new technology service models in the video content industry.

They will develop next-generation video data management technology that combines a 5G network, cloud and 10Gbps internet and apply it to movie and drama filming. Instead of copying images taken from a distance to a hard disk and shipping them to a remote workplace, high-speed networks and cloud servers can deliver them quickly anytime.

JK Film, a production company run by Yoon, would use new technology to produce his next film. KT and partners vowed to develop new technology that would help South Korea's movie industry secure global competitiveness.

"We will make continuous efforts to explore the video industry market and develop new business models by utilizing networks and contents through continuous technical cooperation in the future," Timnet Korea CEO Son Hyun-chul said in a statement.
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