SKT to open mixed reality studio using Microsoft technology

By Park Sae-jin Posted : February 4, 2020, 14:54 Updated : February 4, 2020, 14:54

[Courtesy of SK Telecom]

SEOUL -- SK Telecom, a top mobile carrier in South Korea, will open a special digital studio that utilizes Microsoft's mixed reality technology to create realistic holographic images suitable for the 5G mobile telecom era.

SK Telecom (SKT) said on Tuesday that its studio using Microsoft's "mixed reality (MR) capture studio" technology would open in Seoul next month. The mobile carrier said it would be the first MR studio in Asia to adopt Microsoft's technology.

"Innovation in the content production phase is essential to broaden 5G-based realistic media services," SKT's 5GX biz and service head Jeon Jin-soo was quoted as saying. He said SKT's MR studio would lead to the popularization of realistic media services.

MR is a hybrid of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). An MR headset projects 3D holographic images in real-time to maximize the viewing experience of users. MR is used to remote-control heavy equipment or control robot surgeons.

At SKT's MR studio, users can create MR, VR and AR content for various applications that would be used in entertainment, education and medical sectors. The studio will have some 100 cameras and new computer graphics hardware to reduce time and money put into the creation of realistic 3D content.

The projection of MR holographic images requires fast processing speed. Normally, headsets are linked to computers using cables, but 5G allows the use of headsets alone.
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