Hyundai unveils high-performance special edition bicycles

By Park Sae-jin Posted : February 26, 2020, 15:47 Updated : February 26, 2020, 15:47

[Courtesy of Hyundai Motors0000]

SEOUL -- Hyundai Motor has collaborated with Wiawis, a South Korean archery brand, to unveil a special set of high-performance bicycles bearing the racing DNA of N, the company's motorsport brand, for professional racers.

The carmaker revealed "N Special Edition" bicycles through its news blog on Wednesday. The company will soon showcase "WAS-Pro N," a road bike" and "Hexion N," a mountain bike, both embedded with the N brand's philosophy of "Fun to Drive".

Frames painted with N's iconic blue and red colors used graphene nanocarbon developed by Wiawis. Hyundai did not say when the bicycles would hit the market.

Steel or aluminum alloy materials are used for the frames of ordinary bicycles. Professional riders prefer frames made of carbon fiber because of lightweight and durable characteristics, but they are rarely seen in the streets due to high costs.

Hyundai's N brand was first launched in 2015 to benchmark other high-performance brands such as AMG of Mercedes Benz, M of BMW and RS of Audi. Hyundai has released pumped-up versions of its compact hatchback models "i30 N" and "Veloster N" to attract young consumers who wish to drive high-performance cars.  
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