Kakao to permanently ban cyberbullies from web portal and social media service

By Park Sae-jin Posted : February 26, 2020, 15:18 Updated : February 26, 2020, 15:38

[Courtesy of Kakao]

SEOUL -- Kakao, a web service giant in South Korea, has revealed a bold plan to eradicate cyberbullies from its online cyberspace by adopting measures to permanently ban users accused of uploading hate comments or malicious rumors.

Kakao said in a statement that it would allow the users of Daum, the second-largest web portal in South Korea, and Kakao Talk, a popular messenger app, to report comments or online posts that contain discrimination or hate content.

When reports are filed, online administrators will review each case to decide whether to delete content or regulate users. Those accused of uploading harsh comments frequently could be permanently banned.

Kakao said its new policy reflects the will of many good-natured online users and promote the creation of a good online communication environment.

The move is part of Kakao's social campaign that began in earnest last year to stop cyberbullying. Cyberbullies have used online news sections, social media and other free-to-write web boards to express hate and anger targeting celebrities.

Some entertainers have committed suicide due to depression aggravated by malicious online comments. The suicide of Choi Jin-ri, known by her stage name Sulli, and Goo Ha-ra, known by her stage name Hara, sent shockwaves through South Korea's entertainment industry in 2019. Many have called for strong punishment against cyberbullying.

The act of online violence is rampant on social media. Online bullies leave hate comments on social media accounts owned by celebrities.
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