Singer Chungha targets global music scene in collaboration with US talent agency

By Park Sae-jin Posted : March 10, 2020, 16:47 Updated : March 10, 2020, 16:47

[Chungha's Instagram]

SEOUL -- ICM Partners, a Los Angeles-based talent agency, has signed a contract with Kim Chung-ha, a South Korean dancer and singer better known as Chungha, to promote her global activity.

"Chungha is a superstar in every sense, as a vocalist, performer, songwriter and choreographer," ICM Partners vice president Jon Pleeter said. "She will be well represented at ICM Partners across multiple verticals and we’re beyond thrilled to bring her to the world stage to perform for her fans around the globe."

MNH Entertainment, the 24-year-old's agency, is in charge of Chungha's promotions in South Korea.

Chungha debuted as a member of South Korea's project girl band I.O.I. When the band disbanded after a year of a successful run, the singer went solo and positioned herself as a top solo female artist in the K-pop scene. She has released hit songs such as "Snapping," "Gotta Go," and "Everybody Has."

It is not rare to find K-pop bands working with foreign music labels or talent agencies. In October, "Super M," an all-star unit band of SM Entertainment, joined hands with Capitol Records, a major American music label.

Last week, Alexaundra Christine, an American singer and dancer better known by her stage name AleXa in South Korea, signed a contract with ICM partners. The 23-year-old will debut in the U.S. in April starting with a media tour. ICM will support AleXa's singing career as well as her appearance in TV programs, movies, dramas and festivals.
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