All Hyundai cars to use connected car technologies from 2022

By Lim Chang-won Posted : November 10, 2020, 09:51 Updated : November 10, 2020, 09:51

[Courtesy of Hyundai Motor]

SEOUL -- Connected car technologies using a computer platform from Nvidia, an American tech company, will be applied to all models to be produced by South Korea's Hyundai auto group from 2022, heralding the beginning of a new era in the auto industry. An integrated infotainment system allows drivers to control audio, entertainment and air conditioning, along with real-time navigation and safety features.

Connected cars aim to provide vehicle occupants with an optimized driving experience by linking a large amount of data that occurs while the vehicle is driving. To efficiently collect and process large amounts of information, it is important to apply high-performance information processing semiconductors to vehicles.

Nvidia designs graphics processing units, systems on chip (SoCs) and mobile processors for smartphones and tablets as well as vehicle navigation and entertainment systems. Nvidia Drive is a computer platform aimed at providing autonomous car and driver assistance functionality powered by deep learning.

"Through cooperation with Nvidia, we will be able to provide innovative connected car services," said Choo Kyo-woong who heads Hyundai's infrastructure development division. The auto group will allow customers to use the latest connected car service just by updating software during the vehicle's life cycle.

Hyundai's next-generation connected car operating system has four key capabilities: data analysis, the seamless connection of vehicles and surrounding infrastructure, intelligent computing that identifies drivers' intentions and conditions, and the monitoring of in-vehicle and external networks.

Hyundai would apply a connected car information display system to implement information related to safety and convenience through vivid 3D graphic animations. Infotainment systems are connected via mobile communication to receive on-road information or automatically contact emergency services when the car detects abnormal activities such as a car crash or parts malfunction.

An integrated infotainment system allows drivers to control audio, entertainment, air conditioning and safety features, as well as real-time navigation and music streaming.

To develop next-generation technologies, Hyundai has tied up with foreign and domestic tech firms, including KT, Aurora Innovation, Autotalks and Chinese technology giant Baidu. Hyundai is developing an in-vehicle voice recognition system using Baidu's natural language processing and Hyundai's noise cancellation technologies.
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