Samsung shipyard's LNG re-liquefaction system passes important steps for field application

By Lim Chang-won Posted : December 7, 2020, 15:12 Updated : December 7, 2020, 15:12

[Courtesy of Samsung Heavy Industries]

SEOUL -- A re-liquefaction system for low-pressure dual-fuel engines developed by Samsung Heavy Industries, a major shipbuilder in South Korea, has passed important steps for field application. The system offers increased efficiency and reliability by allowing boil-off gas from the cargo tank to be re-liquefied.

Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) said in a statement on December 7 that its re-liquefaction system called "X-Reli" has won Detail Design Approval from the American Bureau of Shipping, a maritime classification society. Detailed design, or developed design, is the process of taking on and developing the approved concept design. Detailed design should provide sufficient information for applications for statutory approval to be made.

SHI has said the X-Reli system, optimized for low-pressure dual-fuel engines, increases efficiency and reliability. Dual-fuel engines use gas admitted at low pressure and ignited by a low volume of liquid pilot fuel. Low-pressure X-DF technology is based on the lean-burn Otto-cycle combustion principle, in which fuel and air are premixed and burned at a relatively high air-to-fuel ratio.

"With the development of the next generation re-liquefaction system, we have secured our own technology to actively respond to the needs of clients," Samsung Heavy's research institute head Shim Yong-rae said in a statement on December 7.

The X-Reli system can reduce CO2 emissions due to unnecessary combustion of evaporative emissions during docking or low-speed operation and conserve cargo volume. SHI said it would develop additional remote monitoring and maintenance functions X-Reli technology to converge with the company's SVESSEL smart ship technology.

SHI and other South Korean shipbuilders work hard to develop new technologies such as smart ships and secure a competitive edge in LNG-powered vessels. In May, a shuttle tanker installed with SVESSEL was delivered to AET Tankers, a Singapore-based company.
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