Hyundai's luxury SUV offers stand-alone music streaming using LTE network

By Park Sae-jin Posted : December 9, 2020, 15:03 Updated : December 9, 2020, 15:03

[Courtesy of Genesis]

SEOUL -- GV70, a high-end Genesis sport utility vehicle unveiled by South Korea's Hyundai auto group, will offer a stand-alone music streaming service that would allow drivers to enjoy high-quality sounds without connecting smartphones or tablet PCs to their vehicles.

Previously, drivers have connected smart devices using a Bluetooth connection or an auxiliary port (AUX) cable to their cars. An infotainment system plays the role of a relay hub that delivers sound signals from phones to car speakers. KT said in a statement on December 9 that its online music platform Genie was combined with a 4G mobile communication network for GV70's infotainment system.

"The cooperation with KT on Genie's music service will become an important starting point for us to introduce an innovated connected car service," Hyundai's Infotainment Development Group head Choo Kyo-woong was quoted as saying.

Music streaming services are favored by smartphone users of all ages as they offer unlimited music play for a flat monthly subscription fee. Users can search, download and play music using smart devices connected by a wireless network.

KT said that Genie for connected cars was jointly created with Hyundai from the development stage of GV70. The telecom company has found an optimization technology that can deliver large-sized high-quality music data without missing a bit of data. Genie's music streaming service will later become available for G80, a luxury sedan, and GV80, the larger brother of GV70, using over-the-air update, which is a wireless system update method.

GV70, dubbed as a "dynamic SUV" by its creator, is the second SUV model in Hyundai's Genesis lineup. The model targets consumers who want a luxury SUV with practical features. Its interior houses simple and voluminous designs while the exterior is accented by sporty characteristics.

GV70 features enhanced connectivity. A 14.5-inch full-screen display mounted on the dashboard offers a personalized driving experience with a fingerprint authentication system. Hyundai said earlier that GV70 would feature "Genesis CarPay," an in-vehicle digital payment system that allows drivers to make transactions using fingerprints to pay for gas or drive-thru stores.

Three types of engines -- 2.5-liter gasoline turbo, 3.5-liter gasoline turbo and 2.2-liter diesel -- will be available. In the car's heart sits an eight-speed transmission that supports all-wheel drive. An optional sports package with different design accents will also be released.

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