Hanwha Systems works with antenna manufacturer to develop on-the-move satellite communication terminals

By Lim Chang-won Posted : February 26, 2021, 09:30 Updated : February 26, 2021, 09:30

[Courtesy of Hanwha Systems]

SEOUL -- As modern military operations employ commercial satellites to fulfill theater capacity requirements, satellite communications on the move that support mobile ground forces are drawing attention. Hanwha Systems, a key defense contractor in South Korea, will work with a domestic satellite communication antenna manufacturer, to develop tactical on-the-move satellite communication terminals.

Hanwha said in a statement that its antenna chipset technology would be combined with satellite communication antenna technology developed by Intellian Technologies that provides satellite communication antennas and broadcasting satellite antenna for maritime. Hanwha has supplied satellite terminals, communication modems, and network controllers for a military satellite communication system.

Hanwha vowed to strengthen its technology competitiveness in on-the-move (OTM) terminals for a military satellite communication system. OTM terminals can be installed in vehicles and provide multimedia services such as voice, video, and data transmission in both directions through satellites. Unlike conventional fixed satellite communication terminals, mobility is guaranteed.

OTM terminals enable real-time command and control on the battlefield, and they can be used for mobile base stations in disaster areas and conflict zones. "The two companies, each with unique technology in military satellite communication and satellite antennas, will create positive synergy," said Hanwha Systems CEO Kim Yeon-chul.  
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