Hyundai Autoever develops 3D streaming configurator for car ecommerce sites

By Lim Chang-won Posted : April 21, 2021, 09:38 Updated : April 21, 2021, 09:38

[Courtesty of Hyundai Motor ]

SEOUL -- Hyundai Autoever, an automobile sales internet company, has implemented a 3D streaming configurator that allows customers to visualize their customizations in real-time and have endless options at their fingertips by clicking and scrolling without visiting stores. The configurator would be applied to ecommerce sites run by South Korea's Hyundai auto group.

A 3D product configurator is becoming an important ecommerce tool to attract shoppers who can personalize a product to their specifications, interact with products online in real-time, and select custom options. A powerful visualization platform allows customers to configure products in combinations of colors, textures and other elements and examine their creation in detail from all angles.

Hyundai Autoever's 3D configurator called "NNNEO-TriDive" based on Google Cloud works as soon as consumers click on it even if they do not download 3D content on their computers. The configurator provides high-capacity and high-definition 3D content regardless of the type of hardware and performance. In digital catalog-type services, the company said its configurator displays the results of applying the desired product and optional items in a high-quality 3D model and conveys specific product information.

"If you choose the car's trim and options on the e-commerce site, you can instantly implement them on the web looking just like reality," a Hyundai Autoever official said. "In any angles, you can see the appearance of how wheels and sunroofs outside the vehicle are applied, and inside the vehicle, you can feel trim changes and look at the actual vehicle from all angles."

Hyundai Autoever affiliated with the Hyundai auto group said that NNNEO-TriDive would increase the completeness of digital twins in the smart factory environment applied with virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. A digital twin is a virtual clone of an object or an infrastructure. Researchers use digital twins as testing grounds for new technologies or other elements to see what kinds of results they might bring without causing an irreversible effect in real life. .
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