Beauty product maker Amore launches custom-made bath balm production service using robot

By Park Sae-jin Posted : May 3, 2021, 17:40 Updated : May 3, 2021, 17:40

[Courtesy of Amore Pacific]

SEOUL -- South Korea's leading beauty product maker Amore Pacific has adopted robots to offer an instant tailor-made bath balm service based on the mood and the psychological status of customers. Amore uses robots to instantly create beauty products at offline stores targeting trend-wise young female consumers who want differentiated and personalized services.

A bath balm is a mixture of wet and dry ingredients compacted to the shape of a ball or a bar. When added to a bathtub, it disintegrates while releasing special scents and colors. Such kinds of beauty products are popular among female consumers who wish to meet the climax of a day while relaxing in a bathtub full of aromatic benefits.


[Courtesy of Amore Pacific]

Amore said in a statement on May 3 that the company has launched an instant bath balm production service using a robot called "bathbot" at a flagship store in Suwon south of Seoul. When a customer finishes a simple psychological test, the robot will create a bath balm using 14 kinds of ingredients in two minutes.

A similar robot-made beauty product service was offered by Aekyung, a major domestic beauty product maker, at its project store in Seoul's southern satellite city of Seongnam in April 2021. Aekyung offered custom-made cosmetics products to match the skin type of customers using a smart factory-like automated production booth.

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