Daewoo shipyard ties up with Hyosung to develop shaft generator motor using permanent magnet

By Lim Chang-won Posted : May 21, 2021, 12:44 Updated : May 21, 2021, 12:44

[Courtesy of DSME]

SEOUL -- South Korea's Daewoo shipyard teamed up with Hyosung Heavy Industries, an electrical power equipment maker, to develop and localize shaft generator motors using permanent magnets that could be used for large-capacity container ships. The system is an eco-friendly ship component that can increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) said it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Hyosung on joint development. Shaft generators that provide stable electric power to the vessel’s main grid are seen as a cost-ineffective solution to reduce emissions and increase efficiency as the system allows operators to easily handle different situations. Permanent magnet shaft generators provide high power density, better reliability and lower operational costs.

DSME and Hyosung succeeded in localizing shaft generator motors in 2019 and applied them to vessels carrying crude oil, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. The permanent magnet shaft generator motor system can increase fuel efficiency by about three percent, the shipbuilder said, adding the relatively small size can flexibly overcome spatial constraints caused by changes in ship models.

DSME's research center head Choi Dong-kyu said that the localization of a permanent magnet shaft generator motor system can strengthen the shipbuilder's competitive edge in winning orders. It can be applied to all variants, including container ships, he said. "Through this joint study, we will further enhance our technology and price competitiveness in the market and at the same time enhance our competitiveness in winning orders by localizing core equipment for ships."
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