KEPCO's IT service wing starts official service of 'sunlight map' for solar power plant

By Park Sae-jin Posted : October 28, 2021, 17:38 Updated : October 28, 2021, 17:38

[Courtesy of KEPCO KDN]

SEOUL -- KEPCO KDN, the information technology service wing of South Korea's state power company, has launched a real-time artificial intelligence map service that can predict the generation capacity of solar power plants and help operators find an ideal location for their plants. The service has been demonstrated in limited areas.

South Korea has more than 90,000 solar power plants with a total generation capacity of about 15 gigawatts as of July 2021. It is hard for operators to predict the exact amount of electricity generated because the generation rate mainly depends on weather conditions. When it's cloudy, the generation efficiency of solar power plants decreases.

KEPCO KDN said that its sunlight map service now covers the whole country to provide real-time estimates on electricity generation. The service can be accessed using a dedicated smartphone app for free.

An accurate prediction is important for power plant operators because the generation rate directly affects sales or the operation of a microgrid connected to a renewable energy power plant. A microgrid is a small-sized power grid that can selectively receive electricity from the main power lines or from a small-sized renewable power plant that generates electricity using sunlight or wind.

"Through the full service of the sunlight map, we will be able to help people choose the perfect area for establishing a solar power plant as well as stabilizing the power supply," an unnamed KEPCO KDN official said a statement on October 28.
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