Seoul provides non-face-to-face traditional cooking class

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : November 9, 2021, 14:13 Updated : June 1, 2024, 19:42

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SEOUL -- Seoul City will provide online non-face-to-face classes for those who want to learn how to cook traditional Korean winter dishes. Professional cooks and fermented food specialists will teach the arts of Korean cuisines through an online video conference app.

According to Seoul on November 9, cooking methods and recipes for three different meals -- traditional tea, Mandu, Korean dumplings, and Cheonggukjang, fermented soybean paste, -- will be offered by Korean food specialists through non-face-to-face online classes. A total of 300 students will join the class session for free. The online cooking class program will start on November 15 and end on November 17.

Other than cooking classes, other non-face-to-face classes are garnering attention from South Koreans who feel uncomfortable visiting crowded places or enclosed spaces that have high risks of COVID-19 infection. Schools have adopted remote classrooms while churches and Buddhist temples invited people to join masses held on social media. 

To help young students who were grounded due to the COVID-19 pandemic, special online classes were offered to provide a similar firsthand experience to that of offline classes. Education authorities in Seoul are operating metaverse-based science classes for some 2,100 elementary and middle school students to help children conduct scientific experiments at home and explore a virtual exhibition hall called "Gather Town" with their avatars.

Online dance classes also gained attention. Holy Bang, the champion team that competed in "Street Woman Fighter," a cable TV dance audition program, will open a non-face-to-face dance class to teach many different styles of hip-hop in January 2022. Taekwondowon, South Korea's main Taekwondo academy, adopted virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology in May 2021 to teach martial arts skills with a virtual instructor. Trainees can learn Taekwondo techniques and engage in person-to-person competition wearing special headsets. 

The non-face-to-face education sector has also become the new teaching ground for art specialists. Video music classes provided by "Modueui Eumak" (모두의 음악, "Everyone's Music" in Korean), a YouTube channel, garnered an average of hundreds of thousands of views each. The YouTube channel offers online vocal training, drum lessons and guitar lessons. Ogaengchai, a popular South Korean vocal trainer, has some 32,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel.  
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