GI Innovation works with Medirama for development of cancer drug candidates

By Lim Chang-won Posted : December 8, 2021, 15:15 Updated : December 8, 2021, 15:15

[Courtesy of GI Innovation]

SEOUL -- South Korea's bio-venture company GI Innovation will cooperate with a domestic clinical development and research organization for the development and commercialization of candidate materials for next-generation immuno-cancer drugs.

GI Innovation and Medirama will jointly develop two cases of immune-cancer drugs, including GI Innovations's new dual fusion protein, and share profits after commercialization.

"New drug candidates to be jointly developed with Medirama will be quickly developed as global 'first in class' dual fusion protein in combination with PD-1 antibodies, a leading immune checkpoint inhibitor," GI Innovation founder Jang Myoung-ho said in a statement on December 8. 

Clinical trials are underway to confirm the efficacy and safety of GI Innovation's immunotherapy agent, GI-101, and GI-301, an allergy treatment drug candidate. GI Innovation thinks that GI-101, a novel triple-targeting bispecific fusion protein, can replace first-generation immune checkpoint inhibitors as a monotherapy or in combination with chemo or radiotherapies as well as other immunotherapies.

Medirama provides a clinical development platform. "The two materials to be jointly developed are at the top of global competitiveness and will come as good news for cancer patients around the world," Medirama's chief scientific officer Moon Han-lim said, vowing to create excellent clinical data at an early date.
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