Online secondhand market Bungaejangter partners with Kakao Mobility to offer quick delivery service

By Park Sae-jin Posted : December 13, 2021, 15:15 Updated : December 13, 2021, 16:40

[Courtesy of BGZT]

SEOUL -- The mobility service wing of South Korea's web service giant Kakao has partnered with Bungaejangter, a major online peer-to-peer secondhand market, to provide quick delivery using motorcycles. Currently, people meet with each other or use parcel delivery services that take a day or two to trade secondhand products.
According to data released by Hana Financial Group, South Korea's secondhand trade market rose from four trillion won in 2008 to 20 trillion won in 2020, helped by the popularization of peer-to-peer secondhand online trade services that were easily accessible by all ages.
Bungaejangter said in a statement on December 13 that the company forged a partnership with Kakao Mobility to utilize the mobility service company's quick motorcycle delivery infrastructure for customers who wish to receive their items within a few hours. Kakao currently provides quick motorcycle delivery services in Seoul and other major cities.
The secondhand market operator said that it would continue to adopt new delivery services to increase the convenience of customers. The company adopted a collect-and-send delivery system for busy customers who cannot spare any time to visit a local parcel delivery center in Seoul in 2020. The system utilizes Bungaejangter delivery workers who l pick up items from sellers, pack items, and deliver them to buyers.
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