Dongwon F&B partners with domestic pet product maker to develop moist food packs for pets

By Park Sae-jin Posted : January 3, 2022, 10:19 Updated : January 3, 2022, 10:44

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SEOUL -- Dongwon F&B has partnered with Bmsmile, an operator of a domestic pet product brand, to develop functional moist pet food packed in sealed pouches and cans and expand their presence in South Korea's rapidly-growing pet product market that is projected to stand at six trillion won ($5 billion) in 2027.
The growth of South Korea's pet market gained speed in 2020 when the first wave of a coronavirus pandemic hit the country, sending many people to spend more time with their pet companions. In 2021, about six million dogs and 2.5 million cats lived with human companions who spent an average of 117,000 won ($104) on their pets per month.
Dongwon F&B said in a statement on January 3 that the company signed a cooperation agreement with Bmsmile. Dongwon F&B, the country's largest canned tuna maker, opened an online mall for pet products in 2020 and released a variety of premium moist pet food products using know-how in manufacturing canned tuna products.  
Dongwon's online pet product mall, Chew Chew, benchmarked major online shopping malls that offer subscripted regular grocery delivery services, to provide a regular delivery service for pet food and sanitary products such as pet shampoos and wet tissues. Pethroom operated by Bmsmile, a premium pet product maker in South Korea, focuses on pet clothing, sanitary and beauty products including harnesses, water bowls, nail clippers and toilets for cats.
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