LG Electronics uses LED digital displays to integrate Blackdove's curated art

By Lim Chang-won Posted : February 16, 2022, 12:47 Updated : February 16, 2022, 12:47

[Courtesy of LG Electronics]

SEOUL -- LG Electronics will deliver digital art experiences on its digital signage displays in collaboration with Blackdove, a Miami-based digital art platform and gallery that curates personalized collections of innovative artists. Blackdove's curation software will be bundled with light-emitting diode (LED) signage products.

It will be available in markets worldwide in the first quarter of 2022 by integrating software and curated art from Blackdove's digital art gallery and non-fungible token (NFT) platform. NFTs are authenticated using a blockchain platform and allow a specific person to own original digital content that cannot be duplicated and record ownership information.

LG Electronics said digital displays are the perfect addition to corporate lobbies, galleries, luxury residences and public settings. The option to transform LG LED signage into digital canvases in spaces such as luxury residentials, corporate lobbies, hospitals and retail stores is something we think the public will have a very positive reaction to," LG's information display business head Paik Ki-mun said in a statement on February 16. 

Hand-picked by Blackdove’s curatorial team, LG said that the selection of artworks by contemporary artists such as Jonathan McCabe, Kenneth Wayne, Meghan Cheng, Franck Lefebvre and Jamie Scott encompass a broad range of subjects and styles for new and experienced digital art fans.

"Digital art is the first form of art in history that can be experienced natively by the whole world in an instant, giving it universal appeal. This makes possible an exponential increase in both the amount and diversity of art, as well as a path to universal access to affordable art enjoyment and ownership," Blackdove CEO Marc Billings was quoted as saying.
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