KT displays AI-based control tower solution for 5G base stations at MWC 2022

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : March 2, 2022, 14:47 Updated : March 2, 2022, 14:47

[Courtesy of KT]

Barcelona -- South Korea's largest telecom company KT showcased an artificial intelligence-based control tower solution that can manage 5G base stations at Mobile World Congress, an annual mobile device exhibition in Barcelona.
Conventional management solutions focus on maintaining the overall performance quality of base stations hooked onto a single local-area network. Such solutions are good for managing the average performance of stations but it is hard to tweak an individual station to gain maximum performance.
The 5G base station control tower management solution called "Dr. WAIS" was showcased and demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022. The artificial intelligence (AI)-based management solution can monitor and detect the abnormal performance of commercial 5G base stations and analyze errors.
Machine learning technology is used to study base stations' wireless communication performance and detect the source of a problem when a communication error occurs. KT demonstrated the solution by simulating a communication performance failure between a base station and a smart device.
According to KT, the control tower solution can also manage other communication equipment such as optical cable devices, 5G devices and internet protocol devices. "Unlike conventional control tower solution that managed wireless and cable communication systems separately, the new solution can quickly monitor errors in every communication system in real-time," the telecom operator said. The company said Dr. WAIS has been demonstrated in the southern port city of Busan and nearby cities in 2021.
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