CJ Logistics transfers smart logistics algorithm technology to Indian subsidiary

By Park Sae-jin Posted : April 8, 2022, 17:09 Updated : April 8, 2022, 17:09

[Courtesy of CJ Logistics]

SEOUL -- CJ Logistics, the logistics wing of South Korea's conglomerate CJ Group, has transferred a special algorithm that is crucial for setting up backhauling operations for transport trucks and other vehicles. The algorithm can help operators reduce costs and time by setting up optimized routes regarding the types of vehicles, destinations and  cargo.
Backhauling in logistics refers to planned round-trip hauls. Normally, a logistics van or truck returns to its base logistics center with empty cargo once it drops off its load at the destination. Backhauling enables operators to set up optimized routes and shipping plans so that trucks do not return empty. A well-planned backhaul route would keep the truck's cargo space full at all times.
CJ Logistics has transferred its backhaul algorithm to its Indian subsidiary, CJ Darcl, to help reduce operating costs and increase the efficiency of truck operation by more than 10 percent. CJ Darcl operates some 2,000 logistics trucks across India every day.
The algorithm was developed by Technology, Engineering, System & Solution (TEC) Innovation Center operated by the South Korean logistics company. "We are growing up to become an innovative logistics company by strengthening our capabilities in technologies based on robotics, artificial intelligence, and big data," the company said in a statement on April 8. 
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