Research body develops device capable of reducing vibration and impact in railway cargo transportation

By Lim Chang-won Posted : May 24, 2022, 17:24 Updated : May 24, 2022, 17:24

[Courtesy of the Korea Railroad Research Institute]

SEOUL -- South Korea's state-run railway research body has developed a device that can reduce the vibration and impact of transporting vulnerable railway cargo such as electronic products, flat panel displays and semiconductors. It was described as a practical and economical device that is easy to install and remove with a simple configuration.

The vibration reduction device can prevent cargo damage by reducing more than 60 percent of vibration and 80 percent of impact by using a combination of coil springs and vibration-absorbing dampers, according to the Korea Railroad Research Institute (KRRI). It applied the function of maintaining sufficient vibration reduction performance even if cargo weight changes. 

The device can be installed without modifying existing containers, the institute said, adding that forklifts can gain easy access to save time for cargo loading and unloading. It can be easily applied to all cargoes transported by containers. Excellent vibration reduction performance was confirmed through freight rain and road transportation tests, while durability was verified in various environments. 

Technology will be transferred to Union Technology, a private company, for mass production and cost reduction that will open the way for exports. "It was designed and constructed with the highest priority in economic feasibility to minimize an increase in logistics costs," KRRI researcher Jang Seung-ho said in a statement on May 24. "The technology can be applied to various transportation environments such as railways, roads, shipping, and aviation." 

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