Doosan Enerbility works with domestic companies to push for mixed combustion using green ammonia

By Lim Chang-won Posted : June 14, 2022, 17:40 Updated : June 14, 2022, 17:40

[Courtesy of Doosan Enerbility]

SEOUL -- Doosan Enerbility, a key player in South Korea's power industry, tied up with two domestic companies to push for mixed combustion technologies that generate electricity by using green ammonia, which is considered an important part of a sustainable hydrogen ecosystem because no carbon is generated.

Ammonia is seen as an ideal resource to establish an eco-friendly hydrogen fuel cell-based infrastructure. Green ammonia can be produced through electrolysis powered by renewable energy. 
Doosan Enerbility said it is in charge of developing a boiler for green ammonia mixed power generation and an ammonia supply system. KEPCO E&C, a power plant design and engineering company, will develop overall plant engineering technologies such as plant optimization. Samsung C&T will import green ammonia through overseas production and promote related projects.

"The green ammonia mixed power generation project will be a key technology for carbon-free energy conversion as it can reduce greenhouse gases using existing power generation facilities." Doosan Enerbility president Jung Yeon-in said in a statement on June 14.

Doosan Enerbility has joined a project to demonstrate mixed hydrogen combustion technologies that burn natural gas together with hydrogen. The demonstration of power generation using 20 percent of ammonia in coal power generation will be commercialized in 2030.

Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Moon Sung-wook has called for an undisrupted push for hydrogen ammonia power generation to strengthen the global competitiveness of South Korea's power generation industry. In February 2022, Doosan Enerbility teamed up with KEPCO E&C to develop a turbine burning hydrogen extracted from ammonia.
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