[INTERVIEW] Video editing app VLLO adopts aggressive marketing in U.S.

By Lim Chang-won Posted : August 5, 2022, 10:43 Updated : August 5, 2022, 11:11

[Courtesy of VLLO]

SEOUL -- With the aim of becoming a global player, VLLO, an easy mobile video editing application created by South Korea's software company Vimosoft will adopt aggressive marketing in the United States. The strategy is not modest but reflects positive reactions from users.  

VLLO is an easy video editor that can be used by people who have no idea about video editing on their smartphones. The app has secured a bridgehead in Japan and Thailand following its successful settlement in South Korea with the number of average monthly active users standing at about 2.5 million. Some 250,000 videos are being created every day using VLLO. 

In an effort to grab more fans abroad, Vimosoft CEO Lee Kyung-hyun will introduce a professional editing app equipped with advanced functions, saying his goal is to foster VLLO as a global app like Adobe Premiere Pro, a professional software app that can be used for all common video editing tasks necessary for producing broadcast-quality, high-definition video. 

"We're looking at overseas markets because we believe that we used marketing channels and raised our recognition in South Korea," Lee said in an interview with Aju Business Daily. "VLLO will seriously enter the U.S. market this year," he said. 

For its business in Asia, Vimosoft will spend more money and time in Japan. "Although it is not much larger than South Korea's general IT solution market, I hope that the related market will become larger as the absolute population is larger than South Korea," Lee said.

The average length of edited videos using VLLO is about three minutes. iPhone users edit videos for more than 10 minutes. The elderly or teenagers who use low-end Android devices edit short-form content. "We have focused on creating apps that can be used by people who have no idea about video editing on their smartphones, maintaining this direction to date and improving the service."

Lee is confident in Vimosoft's technology, saying his company has created an app that is easy for anyone to use from the perspective of user interface and user experience. "I personally think that VILLO is the easiest video editing app on the market."

Lee would release a professional video editing app named "VLLO Advanced" as early as November. "This app is being developed at the level of minimum functional products. The idea is to catch users who want more advanced functions and catch up with Adobe Premier Pro in an area arrayed with field experts."

About 90 percent of Vimosoft's sales come from additional features that allow users to mosaic images, insert other images, or use unlimited background music without copyright, while 10 percent from the exposure of free version ads. Vimosoft has tried to refrain from exposing ads in free versions as much as possible to avoid inconvenience even if users see ads while editing videos.

"If we display more ads than we do now, we will be able to increase sales several times, but we think it's also important for us to secure more users by ensuring high usability, so we're taking this strategy," Lee said, disclosing his goal to double annual sales from an estimated 10 billion won ($7.6 million) in 2022.
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