S. Korean researchers find treatment of potato virus Y

By Lim Chang-won Posted : August 24, 2022, 10:56 Updated : August 24, 2022, 13:50

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SEOUL -- South Korean researchers have developed the treatment of potato virus Y (PVY), which is one of the most important plant viruses affecting potato production. They will push for the transfer of technology to a private company after increasing efficacy and safety by 2024. 

PVY is transmitted through grafting, plant sap inoculation and mostly through aphid transmission. Global warming has led to an increase in aphid numbers and viral distribution. A research center affiliated with the Rural Development Administration (RDA), a state agriculture technology development body, has discovered a new substance called "10α-Allsulfidyl dihydroartemisin (DHA)," which has excellent therapeutic effects.

Patent registration has been completed. Researchers at the National Institute of Crop Science have carried out tests with a bunch of candidate substances provided by the Catholic Kwandong University College of Medicine. Researchers found that the use of DHA in the early stages would help produce PVY-free seedlings and seed potatoes. 

"The selection of DHA can easily and quickly produce virus-free seedlings, which will contribute to the distribution of good quality seed potatoes and the improvement of farm income," Kim Gyeong-ho, a senior RDA researcher, said. "We will test the virus effects of other crops and expand the scope of application."

The institute has tried to develop new substances so that viruses can be easily and quickly eradicated. The antiviral DHA discovered by RDA researchers showed an excellent virus-fighting effect. They cultured plants infected with PVY in a growth medium added with the new substance to produce virus-free seedlings. 

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