Jeongseok Chemical ready for commercial production of high-purity lithium sulfide for solid-state batteries

By Lim Chang-won Posted : September 13, 2022, 17:16 Updated : September 13, 2022, 17:21

[Courtesy of Jeongseok Chemical]

SEOUL -- Jeongseok Chemical, a provider of various line marking paint products in South Korea, has localized the production of high-purity lithium sulfide (Li2S), which is used as a core material for solid-state batteries. A plant capable of producing 24 tons of lithium sulfide per year will be put into commercial operation in September. 

Jeongseok is to hold a ceremony on September 15 to complete a lithium sulfide production facility in Wanju, about 170 kilometers (105 miles) south of Seoul. Lithium sulfide induces electrolyte activation and is highly utilized in the solid state battery market due to its high stability. Due to a difficult manufacturing method, South Korea has relied on imports from Japan and the United States.

Lithium-ion batteries have safety problems such as fire. All-solid-state batteries are seen as a next-generation power source for electric vehicles as solid electrolytes are nonflammable and more stable. They can have a higher energy density than lithium-ion batteries. However, challenges to widespread adoption include energy and power density, durability, material costs, sensitivity and stability. 

Sulfide-based solid-state batteries use lithium metal as anode material to enable high energy density and safety. In 2021, a research team from the government-supported Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI) developed a method that can mass-produce sulfide-based solid electrolytes at low prices. 
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