Samsung launches metaverse-based home decorating service

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : October 17, 2022, 11:19 Updated : October 19, 2022, 17:56

[Courtesy of Samsung Electronics]

SEOUL -- Samsung Electronics has opened a metaverse-based home decorating service for customers who wish to experience home appliances in a virtual house similar to their actual home. After trying out products in the virtual world, consumers can immediately buy them from a shopping mall.   

Bespoke Home Meta is a 3D retail experience service that actualized various types of houses and kitchens. The platform provides five houses, three kitchens and four interior styles. Users can explore different styles before purchasing products. The platform incorporates artificial intelligence that suggests the best-matching colors for refrigerators.  

Samsung Electronics realized the platform on Today House, a popular home decorating application that sells various pieces of furniture and matches customers with installation engineers. The platform had more than 5.4 million monthly active users as of August 2021. 

"We will further expand the bespoke home meta service through various channels so that consumers can experience Samsung home appliances more vividly in a home-like experience environment without restrictions," Lee Hyun-jeong, a Samsung official in charge of domestic business, said in a statement on October 17. 

Metaverse was adopted by many South Korean companies as many different social and cultural activities can take place in the virtual world using avatars. South Korea’s top bookstore franchise Kyobo Book Centre is also providing a metaverse-based bookstore for book lovers who wish to experience the digital replica of an actual bookstore in central Seoul. Customers can purchase books and albums using the virtual bookstore. 
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