JLK's AI cerebral infarction analysis solution adopted by university hospital

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : October 20, 2022, 13:18 Updated : October 20, 2022, 13:58

[Courtesy of JLK]

SEOUL -- JBS-01K, an artificial intelligence-based cerebral infarction analysis solution created by South Korea's medical solution company JLK, will be used at a university hospital to speed up the screening process and reduce employment costs. The solution analyzes cerebral infarction types based on magnetic resonance imaging and clinical data.
Cerebral infarction is a disease in which blood vessels in the brain are blocked and parts of the brain die. One of the main causes is high blood pressure, which normally occurs among old people. Paralysis of one limb is the most typical symptom. Previously, the disease was usually identified through computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
JLK said that JBS-01K would be supplied to Keimyung University Dongsan Medical Center in the southeastern city of Daegu. The solution automatically analyzes cerebral infarction types and provides brain images to medical staff. The solution was approved by South Korea's drug ministry in 2018 and the Thai Food and Drug Administration in early 2022.
JBS-01K, distributed to the university hospital, is part of a state project to support trial distribution and secure clinical evidence. "Through the selection of the demonstration project, we will build a cooperative system between hospitals and companies and make various efforts to acquire new medical technology and register as health insurance," JLK head Kim Dong-min said in a statement on October 20.
JLK specializing in AI analysis solutions for brain diseases and cancer has tried to expand its business to Asian markets. Thailand has approved JAD-02K, an artificial intelligence-based brain disease analysis solution that informs the level of brain aging progression, as well as JLK's AI lung disease analysis solution called JVIEWER-X in 2021.    
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