Fawoo Nanotech develops nanobubble generator to produce hydrogen in large quantities

By Lim Chang-won Posted : October 27, 2022, 17:21 Updated : November 2, 2022, 09:32

[Courtesy of Fawoo Nanotech]

SEOUL -- Fawoo Nanotech, an Industrial process control equipment manufacturer in South Korea, claimed to have developed an innovative nanobubble generator to produce hydrogen in large quantities. The device turns seawater and carbon dioxide into nanobubbles and combines electrons from chlorine. It is effective in producing a large amount of hydrogen and reducing carbon dioxide.

Nanobubbles, which are 70-120 nanometers in size, are efficient in the delivery of oxygen and other gas. They can be formed using any gas and injected into any liquid. Due to their size, nanobubbles exhibit unique properties that improve numerous physical, chemical, and biological processes.

A miniaturized experimental device produced more than 15 liters of hydrogen at 30wh, Fawoo said, adding that it has a breakthrough effect in reducing carbon dioxide because 44 tons of carbon dioxide or more is required to produce one ton of hydrogen. The existing method requires 45 Kwh to produce 1kg of hydrogen, but Fawoo's method requires 18.6 Kwh.

Unlike the conventional hydrogen generation method that requires complex facilities, pipes, and liquefaction to transport hydrogen, Fawoo said its method can generate and use hydrogen without separate transmission and distribution facilities if only a certain amount of seawater and carbon dioxide are supplied. The company used the principle of surface friction to produce high-quality nanobubbles containing ionized carbon dioxide that can be stably maintained in water and combined with various cations.

The electrolysis method for green hydrogen production requires energy to break the bond between oxygen and hydrogen in water, but Fawoo said its simple electron transfer method can be installed at a small cost without an additional power supply infrastructure and expensive electrode materials. Using fuel cells, electric or thermal energy can be produced in crowded urban areas, and there is no need for a separate hydrogen storage facility.

In September 2020, Fawoo teamed up with Global Oriental Berhad, an investment holding company based in Malaysia, to explore opportunities for the distribution of nanobubble products. Fawoo’s nano bubble generator produces ozone nanobubble water that unifies the natural cleaning power of water. 

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