CJ Feed & Care rolls out livestock manure-based organic fertilizer in Vietnam

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : November 9, 2022, 17:26 Updated : November 8, 2023, 16:31

[Courtesy of CJ Feed & Care]

SEOUL -- CJ Feed & Care, a livestock feed corporation affiliated with CJ Cheil Jedang, released an organic fertilizer using pigs' excrement in Vietnam where chemical fertilizers are still mainly used. Through the eco-friendly fertilizer that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, the company aims to gain a competitive advantage in the Southeast Asian fertilizer market.
The organic fertilizer called "ECO POWER1" was made by decomposing and maturing the livestock manure. Unmatured manure can severely damage crops and the environment by generating ammonia gas and recombining harmful microorganisms. The product was certified by Vietnam's state fertilizer verification agency for production, sales and distribution.
According to data released by Vietnam's agriculture ministry, organic fertilizer consumption in the Southeast Asian country skyrocketed to about 1.19 million tons in 2021 from some 280,000 tons in 2015. "We will contribute to improving Vietnam's environment and crop quality by recreating waste resources that damage the environment into green materials," an unnamed CJ Feed & Care official said in a statement on November 9.
In June 2022, the feed livestock company unveiled an eco-friendly feed capable of reducing the amount of methane emitted by dairy cattle by burping for farting. Methane is a greenhouse gas that affects the earth's temperature and climate system. As the world's carbon emission trading system is expanding to the livestock sector, the company anticipates growing demands for eco-friendly feed. 
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