SK nexilis claims to be 'industry-first' in developing copper foil for 4680 cylindrical batteries

By Lim Chang-won Posted : November 14, 2022, 09:54 Updated : November 14, 2022, 09:54

[Courtesy of SKC]

SEOUL -- SK nexilis claimed to be "industry-first" in developing a copper foil product with a high elongation rate that would be used for cylindrical batteries with a diameter of 46mm and a height of 80 mm. Mass production is to begin in 2023. 

Battery foils made of aluminum and copper are used as anodes and cathodes for secondary batteries. Foils work as the bridge between external components and internal lithium-ion transports. High-capacity cylindrical batteries require copper foil with very high elongation. Tesla has unveiled a 4680 cylindrical battery that delivers high energy density and great thermal stability.  

SK nexilis, which is a subsidiary of SKC, a chemical material unit of South Korea's SK Group, said that its "V" copper foil can compensate for problems caused by the expansion of anode materials during charging and discharging because its elongation rate is 30 percent higher than existing products.

SK nexilis has a variety of copper foil products to meet the various needs of customers. In August 2022, the company acquired technology to produce an ultra-high strength copper foil product with high heat resistance that can reduce the risk of defects and improve productivity.

There are three types of batteries - prismatic, pouch and cylindrical. Prismatic cells are encased in aluminum or steel for stability and satisfy the demand for thinner sizes. Cylindrical cells are the most commonly used cell type due to their lower cost, good mechanical stability, and better temperature control. They can be produced much faster, provide a better automation process and handle high internal pressures without deforming. Their main downfall is that they use up more space.
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