State certification for colostrum-based cosmetics material developed by Shinsegae International and Farmskin

By Lim Chang-won Posted : December 21, 2022, 11:23 Updated : December 21, 2022, 11:23

[Courtesy of Shinsegae International]

SEOUL -- A new technology developed by the fashion unit of South Korea's retail group Shinsegae and its domestic partner, Farmskin, to produce a raw material for whitening cosmetics with milk cow colostrum hydrolysate has secured state certification for commercial production. It will be applied to high-functional skin care lines for commercial production in 2023. 

The technology is the result of a two-year joint study by Shinsegae International (SI) and Farm Skin (Farmskin) which have decomposed colostrum ingredients with bioconversion techniques to produce raw materials for cosmetics with excellent whitening effects. Farmskin is a beauty brand startup that produces cosmetics by processing colostrum only with biologically good bacteria such as lactic acid without adding chemical components.

The technology has been awarded a new excellent technology (NET) certificate, which is designed to promote the diffusion of domestically developed and improved technologies by officially acknowledging their excellence. "We will continue to strengthen our original technology through steady research and development and make efforts to secure recognition at home and abroad," SI's technology innovation center head Kim Jun-oh said in a statement on December 21. 

Colostrum, also known as beestings, is the first form of milk produced by mammals immediately following the delivery of newborns. Bioactives found in colostrum are essential for a newborn's health, growth and vitality. However, due to its unstable composition ratio, there was a limit to using it as a cosmetic raw material or stabilizing formulation. Restrictions on storage and processing have hampered commercialization.

SI and Farmskin have developed an excellent whitening effect that was not present in existing substances by decomposing first milk through enzyme treatment and purification. Through the low molecularization of colostrum substances, they increased the absorption rate and skin suitability. The new technology enables the development of whitening cosmetics, which are excellent and stable in inhibiting melanin production, as well as other products for wrinkle improvement and skin barrier improvement.

SI has stepped up efforts to become a leading player in the global skincare market since it acquired Swiss Perfection, a luxury brand known for cellular extraction technology, in July 2020. The company has earned the distribution rights of luxury brands such as Garancia of France and Santa Maria Novella since it acquired VIDIVICI, a premium cosmetics brand, in 2012. 
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