Seoul's northern district establishes smart data platform for real-time population density analysis

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : January 3, 2023, 18:13 Updated : January 4, 2023, 08:02

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SEOUL -- Seongdong District, a northern Seoul district, has established a smart platform that can provide access to various types of data. The information can be used for the real-time safety management of large floating populations in crowded shopping areas or to help government workers maintain their work continuity when searching for city data. 

Seongdong with some 281,000 residents is recognized by teenagers and young people in their 20s as the heart of fashion and cultural trends. Those who wish to shop, eat and chill out visit small side alleys of Seongsu, a fashion and party district, to busily move through shops or take selfies for their social media. Families with young children frequently visit Seoul Forest Park, one of the largest parks in Seoul. The urban forested area is also a popular spot for outdoor concerts and events.  
Seongdong District said in a statement that the district government established a smart platform capable of providing access to various administrative data including real-time population density information and other statistical information. Administrative sectors including the Ministry of the Interior and Safety and ordinary citizens can access the data to monitor and manage large crowds of people in real-time or search for areas with a high rate of traffic accidents involving young children. 

Some 733 datasets of information including green areas, public WiFi zones, illegal buildings, and areas chosen for city repair projects, will be provided through the platform. The data will also be shared with other neighboring Seoul districts. "We have automated simple and repetitive chores during the data integration, registration, and modification processes so that our workers can easily utilize optimized data," Seongdong said in a statement on January 3.  
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