[SUMMARY] Daily News Selection by Aju Business Daily on February 17, 2023

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : February 17, 2023, 15:45 Updated : February 17, 2023, 15:45
The following stories are the daily summary of news in South Korea on February 17.

SEOUL -- Foreigners found using cryptocurrencies to fund terrorist organizations

[Yonha News Photo]

Two foreign nationals living in South Korea have been detained for using cryptocurrencies to support a terrorist organization with ties to al-Qaida.
According to the National Office of Investigation of the National Police Agency, a 29-year-old man from Kazakhstan and a 31-year-old man from Uzbekistan were submitted to the Supreme Prosecutors Office on January 17 on allegations of violating the anti-terrorism and anti-terrorist fundraising acts.
EXO's Kai to drop new EP in March 2023

[Photograph by Yoo Dae-gil = dbeorlf123@ajunews.com]

The SM Entertainment, management company for the K-pop boy band EXO, announced Friday that Kai will release a brand-new personal EP titled "Rover" on March 13.
Kai, the primary dancer for EXO since his debut in 2012, has grown in recognition for his talent and dependability. He also serves as the primary dancer for SuperM, a project team run by the same organization. In 2020, he released his first EP, "Kai," marking his solo debut.
Korean Air's new policy draws criticism

[Yonhap News Photo]

The Yoon Suk Yeol administration, which has previously criticized banks and telecommunications companies for profiting from their oligopolistic control over their respective markets, may now turn its attention to Korean Air as a result of the airline's new mileage redemption policy, which has not only sparked discontent among air travelers but also criticism from the government.
Because its mileage redemption program will be based on flight distance, rather than regions, starting on April 1, Korean Air would require more miles from its customers in order to purchase long-distance tickets. For instance, 90,000 miles will be required instead of the prior 62,500 miles for those who want Award Tickets for prestige-class seats on the Incheon-New York route.
ChatGPT causes Korean firms to start monetizing AI services


The introduction of ChatGPT's commercial version has led Korean IT and telecommunications companies to look for new ways to monetize their artificial intelligence (AI) services. 
Kakao has worked to create its own subscription-based AI services. The commercial version of B Discover, an application that uses artificial intelligence to create images, will be released by Kakao Brain, a division of Kakao that specializes in AI services. To appeal to clients worldwide, its free version was introduced last year.
This month, Kakao revealed its intentions to create the KoGPT chatbot, which will be fluent in Korean. Additionally, the business will introduce its AI-based medical diagnostic service in Australia, which can evaluate chest X-ray images.

[This article was contributed by Aju Business Daily reporter Joseph Kwak]
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