​Ticketing agencies Interpark and Triple to adopt luggage tracking service for first time

By Park Sae-jin Posted : February 20, 2023, 15:15 Updated : February 20, 2023, 15:15

[Courtesy of Interpark]

SEOUL -- Interpark, a popular online ticketing agency operated by South Korea's online leisure and accommodation service company Yanolja, and its brother company Triple will adopt a real-time airport luggage tracking service for the first time as a travel and leisure ticket seller in the country.
According to Incheon International Airport, South Korea's main gateway, an annual average of 62.6 million luggage is processed at the airport and about two out of every one million bags get lost during the luggage transferring process. The global average rate for lost bags is 111 bags per million.
Data released by the Association of European Airlines show that about 85 percent of lost luggage is found and delivered to its original destination within two days but sometimes it takes longer or some bags are never found to create havoc to their owner's traveling schedule. Some travel insurance cover damage caused by lost bags but the majority of people who go on business trips or simple trips do not subscribe to any insurance programs.
Interpark said that the company and its brother firm will adopt "Blue Ribbon Bags" (BRB), a global luggage-tracking service that will track and expedite the return of customers' undelivered baggage. For an undisclosed fee of about $5, the BRB service will cover up to two bags. Customers will get notifications via emails whenever their bags are being moved. When lost luggage is not found within 96 hours after arrival, compensation per bag will be offered.
South Korea, which basically had its borders shut tight during the COVID-pandemic, gradually opened up is gateways in 2022. The government lifted regulations on compulsory polymerase chain reaction tests for inbound travelers in October 2022, making it easier for South Koreans to travel abroad. According to the transport ministry, there were some 28,000 flights that left Incheon International Airport for other countries in January. The number of flights was about 40 percent of the total number of international flights in January 2019. 
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