Avikus to provide autonomous boat solution 'NeuBoat' for recreational boat owners in US

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : February 20, 2023, 17:55 Updated : February 6, 2024, 02:00

[Courtesy of HD Hyundai]

SEOUL -- Avikus, an autonomous shipbuilder affiliated with South Korea's HD Hyundai, will demonstrate its autonomous boat solution called "NeuBoat" in the United States. The company will begin a beta-test for its autonomous boat solution involving participants selected from visitors of an annual global boat show held in Miami. 
According to data released by market research firm Mordor Intelligence, the global recreational boating market which stood at $27.3 billion in 2021 is projected to reach $36.8 billion by 2027. Data cited by HD Hyundai showed that the U.S. accounts for more than 60 percent of the global boat market.
HD Hyundai said in a statement that selected participants will be given opportunities to test NeuBoats capable of recognizing maritime environments and providing various functions such as autonomous navigation and docking assistant system. Avikus will install the solution to the testers' leisure boats and allow them to use it for three months. NeuBoat will be commercialized in the second half of 2023.
"The Neuboat is already the most advanced autonomous leisure solution in the world," Avikus CEO Lim Do-hyeong said in a statement on February 19. He said the company would try to target the U.S. market through the beta test.
Domestic shipbuilders are striving to develop self-sailing ships that use a computer on board to control the route, speed, fuel consumption, and maintenance. In 2020, Avikus commercialized HiNAS, an advanced voyage support system that automatically recognizes surrounding vessels through camera analysis. HiNAS alerts the risk of collision based on augmented reality. 
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