KT's multilingual AI voice synthesis service adopted in video production platform 'Mango Board'

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : April 6, 2023, 15:38 Updated : April 7, 2023, 09:36

[Courtesy of KT]

SEOUL -- "AI Voice," a multilingual artificial intelligence-based voice synthesis service created by South Korea's major telecom company KT, was adopted by the operator of Mango Board, a domestic design and video content production platform. Depending on the written script context, the service creates various voices with different emotions. The service is available in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese.
AI Voice users can express many different emotions including joy, calm, and sadness through the artificial intelligence (AI) voice function. Emotional dubbing technology was applied to enable dubbing emotions into artificial voices as they are read by users. Similar AI-based voice generation tools are widely used by video content creators who upload their video onto social media including YouTube. 
KT said in a statement on April 6 that AI Voice was adopted in Mango Board. Users can produce more realistic video content as characters can speak with different emotions. "We will continue to improve cooperation with many different businesses to invigorate the domestic AI ecosystem," KT's AI and big data business department head Choi Joon-ki.
The AI voice service released in July 2022 was used to create an audiobook using the voice of Yoon Do-hyun, a 51-year-old singer known for his rock band YB. KT collaborated with Millie's Library, a popular domestic online book subscription service, to recreate a book titled "I quit my job due to difficulty in relationships." 

The telecom company aims to later apply "My AI Voice," which can produce an AI voice that resembles a human voice, to Mango Board. The artificial voice can be created by recording 30 sentences.
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