S. Korean firm partners with Kyrgyz special purpose company to kick-start micro hydro power generation business

By Park Sae-jin Posted : April 21, 2023, 15:01 Updated : April 21, 2023, 15:01

[Courtesy of CJM Global]

SEOUL -- A South Korean company called CJM Global partnered with a Kyrgyz special purpose company to kick-start a sustainable energy business that uses a network of 3,000-kilometer-long canals in Kyrgyzstan as a renewable energy source for micro hydropower plants.
Micro hydropower plants are much smaller than ordinary hydropower plants which are mega-structures such as dams. The smaller-sized power plants in the sizes of a van or a refrigerator can be easily installed in a river, small stream, or any waterway with flowing water such as canals and aqueducts.
The small-sized hydropower plants mainly use turbines that are turned by the current of the flowing water. A refrigerator-sized micro hydro power plant can generate enough electricity to power one or two households. Micro hydropower plants are ideal for providing electricity to remote power grids in the mountains or to places where the natural environment must be preserved.
CJM Global said in a statement on April 21 that the company signed an investment agreement with a Kyrgyzstan-based special purpose company (SPC). The SPC was selected by South Korea through an evaluation process for 10-megawatt-class micro hydro power plant businesses. The SPC and CJM will roll out clean-energy businesses in Kyrgyzstan. 
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