KT deploys 400 AI-based crime prevention devices at 400 public toilets in central province

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : May 11, 2023, 11:18 Updated : May 11, 2023, 13:16

[Courtesy of KT]

SEOUL -- South Korea's major telecom company KT has installed artificial intelligence-based crime prevention devices at about 400 public restrooms in the central province of Chungcheong. Users can call the police or facility managers just by touching an emergency bell. In an urgent situation in which users are unable to reach the device, the solution called "SafeMate" can notify human managers as it can recognize abnormal sounds such as screaming.  
According to data released by the National Police Agency, a total of 3,154 crimes occurred in public toilets in 2021. Of 3,154 crimes, 822 cases were related to sex crimes such as candid shootings. As of March 2023, KT has installed SafeMate in about 6,000 public toilets nationwide. The solution connected to the police department operates for 24 hours.
At a media briefing held on May 15 at KT Chungnam Headquarters, KT officials showcased SafeMate, which is being operated at about 400 public toilets in Chungcheong Province. The solution is also capable of detecting destruction sounds. KT's Chungnam-Chungbuk Metropolitan Headquarters head Lee Hyun-seok said the company will utilize digital transformation platforms to contribute to the establishment of a safer society.
Candid shooting, an act of taking photographs without consent in private and public places, has been an annoying social problem. Photographs taken in swimming pools, beaches, changing rooms, and toilets have leaked despite a consistent crackdown. In 2020, South Korea was rattled by the shockingly horrible reality of an online sex crime when operators of a smartphone messenger app channel were arrested for filming and sharing some 2,000 illegally filmed sexual videos of ordinary people including minors. 

Along with the crime prevention device, KT is also operating fire prevention solutions capable of detecting fire within 10 seconds. The fire detector monitors various factors that could cause fire accidents such as smoke, flames, and extremely high temperature.
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