Seoul's education affairs head encourages teachers to nurture students as global citizens

By Kim Joo-heon, Chang Seong-won Posted : December 1, 2023, 17:17 Updated : December 2, 2023, 11:05
Photograph by Shin Jin-young  yr29ajunewscom
[Photograph by Shin Jin-young =]
SEOUL -- At a lecture attended by public school teachers and instructors involved in private education, Seoul's education office chief Cho Hee-yeon encouraged audience to nurture students as global citizens. During his speech at a graduate school in eastern Seoul, Cho stressed the importance of such education, pointing out that South Korea should prepare for global challenges.

"We must transform our students into global citizens in the third phase of education revolution against globalization," the superintendent said on November 30 at the International Graduate School of Language Education. According to the head of the municipal education office, South Korea has successfully navigated the initial two stages of educational transformation, focusing on industrialization in the first stage and later emphasizing democratization.

Cho highlighted the necessity of "international joint classes" to bridge the gap among students from different backgrounds. He added that remote learning, which gained popularity amid the COVID-19 pandemic, needs to be adopted to provide opportunities for South Korean students to interact with their counterparts worldwide.

Many English teachers from public middle and high schools took part in the lecture along with employees at Yoon's English Class, a Seoul-based private institution specializing in English education.

On November 29, Cho unveiled his plan to help students improve their English skills using education technology (edutech). The education office is currently working with a private company to present a robot that can engage in one-on-one conversations in English by March 2024. The artificial intelligence-based instructor will correct pronunciation and offer personalized education for those who need extra help.

Seoul will also demonstrate a chatbot application in March of next year tailored for verbal interactions. Students can level up their English through role plays, creating scenarios such as ordering food at a restaurant. This AI service will be accessible on both PCs and mobile devices.
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