LG Energy Solution develops technology to upgrade lithium metal batteries' performance

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : December 7, 2023, 17:56 Updated : December 8, 2023, 02:58
Courtesy of LG Energy Solution
[Courtesy of LG Energy Solution]
SEOUL -- LG Energy Solution, the battery-making wing of South Korea's LG Group, has developed lithium metal battery technology that enhances driving distance by about 50 percent compared to existing lithium-ion batteries. Using the new technique, the driving range of electric vehicles can be extended to 900 kilometers (559 miles) per charge, up from the current 600 km.

Lithium metal batteries have been studied as they were claimed to run longer and hold more energy than lithium-ion batteries, which work by passing lithium ions between a graphite anode and a lithium cobalt oxide cathode. However, using lithium metal batteries has been difficult because of frequent corrosion.

LG Energy Solution (LGES) said on December 7 that the company worked with the state-run Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST) to secure core technology against the corrosion of the next-generation batteries. The joint research team said a material called "borate-pyran lean electrolyte" can prevent corrosion caused by dendrites and liquid electrolytes. A dendrite is a crystalline mass that can produce undesirable side effects and reduce a battery's lifespan and safety. 

LGES said the new technology ensures a long lifespan with over 400 recharge cycles. Unlike all-solid-state batteries, it operates without requiring high temperatures and pressure. The battery maker has carried out the project though a joint research facility "Frontier Research Laboratory" with the KAIST.

The research, titled "Borate–pyran lean electrolyte-based Li-metal batteries with minimal Li corrosion," was published on the website of Nature Energy, a peer-reviewed journal.
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